Grantland Rice Papers

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The Papers of Grantland Rice (1905-1966) are comprised of 19.26 linear feet and include his Writings, Correspondence, Personal and Biographical Materials, Photographs, Subject Files, Souvenirs, and Memorabilia.


  • 1905 - 1966


Grantland Rice (1880-1954) was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the son of Bolling H. and Beulah Grantland Rice. Educated at Vanderbilt University, he went to work as a reporter for the Nashville News in 1901. He also worked at Forester Magazine (1901), the Atlanta Journal (1902-1904), the Cleveland News (1905), the Nashville Tennessean (1906-1910), the New York Mail (1911-1914), and the New York Tribune (1914-1930).

In 1918 and 1919 Rice served as First Lieutenant with 115th Regiment F.A., 30th Division, U.S. Army with the American Expeditionary Force in France.

In 1930, his column "The Sportlight" became nationally syndicated and ran until his death in 1954. Rice was also the author of Songs of the Stalwart (1917), Sportlights of 1923, Sportlights of 1924, Songs of the Open (1924), and Only the Brave (1941).

On 11 April 1906, Grantland Rice was married to Katharine Hollis, and they had a daughter, Florence Davenport.


19.26 Linear Feet

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Index to Photographs of Famous Athletes and Sportsmen

Photographs of Famous Athletes and Sportsmen (most used with newspaper columns):

Adair, Perry -- see Maiden

Adams, Ben and Platt

Attell, Abe -- see also J. Johnson

Baer, Max (4)

Baker, Hobey

Baker, Home Run -- see Collins

Barrett, Major

Barry, Jack -- see Collins

Berry, ---- (Penn.)

Berwanger, Jay

Bicycles, high-wheeled -- see also Spier

Bonthron, Bill -- see also Cunningham, Lovelock

Booth, A.J. (Albie) (13)

Braid, James -- see Vardon

Bunion Derby

Brady, ------- see Colrick

Bresnahan, Roger

Brookes, Norman

Brown, Mordicai (3-fingered)

Browne, Mary K.

Bundy, May Sutton (2)

Burgess, ---- -- see Ederle

Burns, Tommy --see J. Johnson, McGraw, Sullivan

Cagle, Chris (2)

Caldwell, Bruce

Camp, W.

Cantfield, ----

Camera,------ see Baer

Carpentier, Georges -- see Dempsey, Gibbons

Carr, Billy

Cavalcade (horse) (3) -- see also High Quest

Chance, Frank

Charleigh (horse) -- see Sande

Chase, Hal

Cheape,.. Capt. ---- see Barrett

Cicotte, N.

Cobb, Ty

Coffruth, Jim -- see J. Johnson, Sullivan

Collett (Vare), Glenna ---- see also Wethered

Collins, Eddie (3)

Colrick, ---- (Notre Dame)

Corbett, James J. (2) -- see also Fitzsimmons, McGovern, Sullivan

Coulon, Johnny

Coy, Ted

Craig, Ralf

Craig, ------- see Drew

Criqui, Eugene (4)

Croker, Richard -- see Dorondo

Crowley, James -- see Stuhldreher


Curtis, Harriet

Dann, Jesse -- see Stagg

Dean, Dizzy (12)

Dempsey, Jack (7)

Didrikson, Babe (2)

Discovery (horse) -- see also Cavalcade, High Quest

Dixon, Captain

Dorondo (2)

Drew, H. P. (2)

Duffy, Arthur F. (2) Duncan, J.

Eby, ---- (Ohio State)

Eckersall, Walter

Ederle, Gertrude (5)

Egan, H. Chandler

Elder, Jack (Notre Dame)

Endeavor (yacht) -- see Rainbow

Equipoise (horse) (7)

Espinosa, Romie -- see Speaker

Evans, Chick -- see Ouimet

Evers, Johnny (6)


Faireno (horse) -- see Equipoise

Firpo, Luis Angel -- see Dempsey

Fitzpatrick, Keene

Fitzsimmons, Bob (2) -- see also Sullivan

Ford, Henry -- see Oldfield

Foxx, Jimmy

Frentrup, ---- (Stanford) (2)

Frisch, Frank (2)

Gallant Fox (horse) -- see Sande

Gallant Sir (horse) -- see Equipoise

Gans, Joe (2)

Garner, Mack -- see Cavalcade

Geers, Edward "Pop" (2)

Gehrig, Lou (19)

Giants (N. Y.), l8 see Murtrie

Gibbons, Tom (4)


Gillon, Stier -- see Sweetser

Gipp, George

Gleason, ---- -- see McGraw

Golf (ladies, 1900)

Gotch, Frank -- see Sullivan

Gottlieb, Beatrice

Goulding, George H.

Gowdy, Hank (3) -- see also Maranville

Grange, Red (7)

Grant, Alex (1903) (2)

Greb, Harry

Groh, Heinie -- see also Collins

Grove, Lefty

Hadagel (horse) -- see Cavalcade

Hagen, Walter (2)

Haley, ------- see Villa

Hanagan, ---- (1903)

Hanlon, ----- -- see McGraw

Hanson, Vic -- see Oosterbaan

Hardwick, H. R.

Harmon, Joseph -- see Stuhldreher

Harvey, Charlie -- see Attell

Haughton, Percy

Hayes, Johnny -- see Dorondo

Herd, Sandy ------ see Vardon

Herzog, George

Heston, Willie (Michigan, 1903)

Heston, ---- (Michigan) (2)

High Quest (horse)

Hillman, Harry

Hilton, Harry (4)

Hinkey, Frank

Hockey, field (ladies)

Hoffer, ------- see McGraw

Hogan, Catherine Francis -- see Walsh

Hogan, Frank -- see Maranville

Hoppe, Willie (7)

Horgan, ---- (1903)

Hornsby, Rogers (6)

Hurd, Mrs. J. V.

Hutcherson, Jack

Hyland, Dick (Stanford)

Iselin, Olive -- see Vanderbilt

Jackson, Col. A. N. Strade

Jackson, Joe

Jackson, Peter

Jacobs, Helen

Jacques, Herbert -- see Van Wie

James J. Jeffries -- see also Corbett, J. Johnson

Hughey Jennings (2) -- see also McGraw

Johnson, Jack (4)

Johnson, Walter

Johnston, William M.

Jones, Bobby (2) -- see also Maiden

Jones, John Paul (2)

Jordan, Baxter B. -- see Maranville

Jordan, Billy -- see Sullivan

Kaufman, ---- -- see Meredith


Keeler, Willie (3) -- see also McGraw

Kelley, Joe -- see McGraw

Kelly, D. J.

Kennedy, Bill -- see McGraw

Ketcheli, Stanley (2) -- see also J. Johnson, Sullivan

Kilbane, Johnny

King, Flora

Kizer, Noble -- see Stuhldreher

Kolehmainen, Willie (2)

Kraenzlein, A. C.

Lajoie, Larry (2)

Layden, Elmer -- see Stuhldreher

Lenglen, Suzanne (4)

Lennon, ---- -- see Meredith

Little, Lawson (4)

Little, George -- see J. Johnson

Lockett, Capt. -- see Barrett

Longboat, Tom

Lotshaw, Andy -- see Grange

Loughran, Tommy -- see Baer

Lovelock, Jack (2)

Mace, Jem

Mack, Connie (2)

Manon, Ed (4)

Maiden, Stewart

Mallory, Molla B. (3)

Mangum, Leo A. -- see Maranville

Man o' War (horse)

Maranville, Walter "Rabbit" (9)

Marquard, Rube (3)

Mathewson, Christy (4) -- see also McGraw

Matsuyama, Kinrey -- see Hoppe

Maxwell, Tiny

McCarthy, Joe -- see Gehrig

McCoy, Kid

McCracken, ---- (1903) (2)

McCurdy, ---- (Carnegie Tech)

McDonald, Pat

McGovern, Terry (2) -- see also Corbett

McGrath, Matt

McGraw, John J. (12)

Mclnnis, Stuffy -- see Collins

Mclntosh, ft-ugh -- see Sullivan

McLariner, Jimmy

McLoughlin, Maurice (2)

Meany, Helen (5) -- see also Weismuller

Medwick, Joe (2)

Meredith, Ted (5)

Merkle, Fred

Meyers, Big Chief -- see Thorpe

Milburn, Devereux -- see also Whitney

Miller, Don -- see Stuhldreher

Mitchell, Charley

Mohler, ------- see Shaver

Moody, Helen Wills (3)

Moran, Owen -- see Adams

Moran, Pat -- see Evers

Morgan, Cy

Moullon, --- see Duffy

Mr. Khayyam (horse) -- see Equipoise

Muller, Brick

Murphy, Tommy -- see McGraw

Murtrie, Jim

Myers, ---- (Brooklyn)

Nelson, Battling see Gans

Nevers, Ernie -- see Warner

Oakley, Annie (2)

O'Connor, Peter

O'Donnall, Earl -- see Grange

Oldfield, Barney (2)


Oliphant, Elmer (Army) (5)

Oosterbaan, Bennie (4)

Ouimet, Francis (2)

Overton, John


Owen, Marvin -- see Medwick

Pekinpaugh, Roger

Penner, Joe -- see Dean

Perry, Fred

Peterson, Charles -- see Hoppe

Phipp, Anita

Plank, Eddie

Putnam, ---- (Harvard)

Rainbow (yacht) (2)

Ramsay, H. H.

Rawlings, Horace

Reigels, Roy

Resolute (yacht)

Rickard, Tex -- see J. Johnson

Rivers, Joe -- see A. Wolgast

Robertson, ---- -- see Sheppard

Robinson, ---- -- see McGraw

Rockne, Knute

Ruth, Babe (3) -- see also Gehrig

Sande, Earl (6)

Schaefer, Jake -- see Hoppe

Scheck, ---- (Harvard, 1903)

Scherk, ---- see Duffy

Schmeling, Max -- see Baer

Scudder, ---- -- see Meredith

Selby, Norman -- see McCoy

Serviss, G. P. (1903)

Sewell, ------- see Ruth

Shamrock IV (yacht) -- see Resolute

Sharkey, Tom -- see also Jeffries, Sullivan

Shaver, ----

Sheppard, Mel W. (2)

Sheridan, Martin (2)

Shibe, Thomas S. -- see Mack

Singing Wood (horse) -- see Cavalcade

Sloan, Tod (2)

Smith, Alex -- see Collett, W. Smith

Smith, Andy

Smith, Bob -- see Cavalcade

Smith, Willie, Alex, Mama, George, Papa, Jim, and McDonald

Speaker, Tris -- see also Van Wie

Spier, S. C.

Springsteel (horse) -- see Equipoise

Stagg, Amos Alonzo (6)

Stallings, George -- see Evers

Stirling, Alexa -- see Maiden

Stoddard, Louis -- see Whitney

Stuhldreher, Harry (2)

Suer, Winifred -- see Moody

Sullivan, John L. (3)

Sweetser, George -- see J. Sweetser

Sweetser, Jess

Taft, William Howard

Tappan, ---- (U.S.C.)

Taylor, ----

Taylor, J. H. -- see Vardon

Tennis, l880's

Terry, Bill -- see McGraw

Tewkesbury, ---- (1903)

Thomas, ---- -- see Mack

Thomas, Ira -- see Evers

Thomson, Earl

Thornhill, ------- see Warner

Thorpe, Jim (2)

Tilden, Bill

Tinker, Joe

Titus, C. D.

Travers, Jerome D. (4)

Tomkinson, Capt. -- see Barrett

Travis, Walter J. -- see also Travers, Vardon

Tunney, Gene -- see Dempsey, Gibbons

Vanderbilt, Alfred G.

Van Wie, Virginia (4)

Vardon, Harry (3)

Vare, Glenna Collett -- see Collett

Vaughan, Arky

Venzke, ---- -- see Cunningham

Vernon, Bob -- see J. Johnson

Villa, Pancho -- see also McLariner

Waddell, Rube

Wallace, James -- see Little

Wallach, Mrs. Barger (2)

Walsh, Ed (9)

Warner, Pop

Waterbury, Larry -- see Whitney

Waterbury, Monty -- see Whitney

Weibel, John -- see Stuhldreher

Weismuller, Johnny (13)

Wells, Billy -- see Coulon

Welsh, Jack -- see Attell

Weston, Edward P.

Wethered, Joyce (8)

Whigham, H. J.

White, Charley

Whitney, Harry Payne (2)

Wilde, Jimmy -- see Villa

Wilding, Anthony F--

Willard, Jess -- see Dempsey

Williams, Richard Norris

Wills, Helen -- see Moody

Wolgast, ---- (Illinois)

Wolgast, Ad (4)

Wood, W. Barry, Jr.

Woodward, William -- see Sande

Wright, George (8)

Young, Cy

Cunningham, Glenn -- see Bonthron

Garner, Mack -- see Cavalcade

Jones, R. -- see High Quest

Jorgens, Arndt -- see Gehrig

Photographs of Famous Athletes and Sportsmen--by Sport:

Auto racing: Herzog, Oldfield.

Baseball: H.R. Baker, Bresnahan, M. Brown, Camp, Chance, Chase, Cicotte, Cobb, Collins, Dann, Dean, Evers, Foxx, Frisch, Fowdy, Groh, Grove, Hanson, Hardwick, Hornsby, J. Jackson, Jennings, W. Johnson, Jorgens, Keeler, Kelley, Lajoie, Mack, Maranville, Marquard, Mathewson, McCarthy, McGraw, Mclnnis, Medwick, Merkle, P. Moran, Murphy, Morgan, Murtrie, Myers, Oosterbaan, Owen, Pekinpaugh, Plank, Ruth, Speaker, Stagg, Terry, Thomas, I. Thomas, Thorpe, Tinker, Vaughan, Waddell, Walsh, Young.

Billiards: Hoppe, Matsuyama, Schaefer.

Boxing: Attell, Baer, Burns, Camera, Carpentier, Coffroth, Corbett, Coulon, Criqui, Dempsey, Firpo, Fitzsimmons, Gans, Gibbons, Greb, P. Jackson, Jeffries, J. Johnson, Ketchel, Kilbane, Loughran, Mace, McCoy, McGovern, McLariner, Mitchell, 0. Moran, Nelson, Schmeling, Sharkey, Sullivan, Tunney, Villa, Wells, White, Wilde, Willard, A. Wolgast.

Cycling: Bicycles, high-wheeled; Spier.

Football: H. Baker, Berwanger, Booth, Brady, Cagle, Colrick, Coy, Crowley, Eby, Eckersall, Elder, Frentrupp, Gill, Gipp, Grange, Hanson, Harmon, Heston, Hyland, Keck, Kizer, Layden, Mahan, McCurdy, Miller, Mohler, Muller, Nevers, Oliphant, Oosterbaan, Owen, Putnam, Reigels, Rockne, Shaver, Stagg, Stuhldreher, Tappan, Thornhill, Thorpe, Warner, Weibel, Wolgast, Wood.

Golf: Adair, Braid, Collett, Curtis, Egan, Espinosa, Evans, golf 1900, Gillon, Gottlieb, Hagen, Herd, Hilton, Hogan, Hurd, Hutcherson, Jacques, B. Jones, King, Little, Maiden, Ouimet, Phipp, Ramsay, Rawlings, A. Smith, Smith family, Stirling, Sweetser, Taft, Travers, Travis, Van Wie, Vardon, Vare, Wallace, Walsh, Wethered, Whigham, Wright.

Hockey: field hockey, ladies.

Horse racing: Cavalcade, Charleigh, Discovery, Equipoise, Faireno, Gallant Fox, Gallant Sir, Garner, Geers (harness racing), Hadagal, High Quest, Iselin (coaching), R. Jones, Man o' War, Mr. Khayyam, Sande, Singing Wood, Sloan, B. Smith, Spring-steel, Vanderbilt (coaching).

Marksmanship: Oakley.

Polo: Barnett, Cheape, Lockett, Milburn, Tompkinson, Whitney, Waterbury.

Rowing: Titus.

Sailing: Endeavor, Rainbow, Resolute, Shamrock IV.

Swimming: Ederle, Meany, Weismuller.

Track and field: Adaras, Berry (penth.), Bonthron (1500 m.), Cantfield (high jump), Garr, Craig (100-200 m.), Cunningham (1500 ra.), Didrikson, Dorondo (marathon), Drew (100 m.), Duffy (100 yds.), Duncan (discus), Ewry, Grant, Hanagan (hammer), Hayes (marathon), Hillman (hurdles), Horgan (shotput), J. P. Jones (mile), Kaufman (relay), Kelly (hurdles), Kolehmainen, Kraenzlain, Lennon (relay), Longboat (marathon), Lovelock (mile), McCracken (shotput), McDonald (hammer), McGrath (hammer), Meredith (MfO yds., relay), O'Connor, Oler (high jump), Overton, Scheck, Scudder (relay), Serviss, Sheppard (600yds.), Sheridan (discus), Taylor, Tewkesbury, Thomson (hurdles), Venzke (1500 m.).

Tennis: Brookes, Browne, Bundy, Jacobs, Johnstone, Lenglen, Mallory (Bjurstedt), McLoughlin, Perry, tennis l88o's, Tilden, 'Wallach, Wilding, Williams.

Walking: Bunion Derby, Dixon (on tightrope across Niagara Falls), Goulding, Weston.

Wrestling: Gotch.

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