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The Stanley F. Horn Collection of Tennessee Manuscripts contains more than six hundred individual pieces. Although they range in date from 1782 to the 1870s, most are concentrated in the first four decades of the nineteenth century. Virtually all of the early governors of Tennessee are represented by one or more documents. There are also papers of Sam Houston, John Sevier, JohnQuincy Adams, James Robertson, Davy Crockett, and others; there is one legal writ bearing the unique signature mark of the “long hunter,” Kasper Mansker.

More than one-third of the items in the Horn Collection are Andrew Jackson papers, making it one of the five foremost corpora of Jackson material in existence. There are letters between the Tennessee soldier-statesman and such contemporaries as Col. Samuel Swartwout, William H. Crawford, Joseph Anderson. Hugh Lawson White, and Willie Blount. There is an interesting and useful score of documents written late in 1814. requisitioning equipment and rations for the Battle of New Orleans.

Other important groups of papers comprised by the Horn Collection include:

  1. Letters of William Blount about Indian affairs
  2. Documents concerning the Aaron Burr conspiracy
  3. Letters of James Winchester from Cragfont
  4. Papers pertaining to Tennessee land grants

In addition, the Collection also includes some substantive letters on Civil War matters.

This collection, containing approximately 650 items for the dates 1780-1905, is composed of accounts, applications, appointments, bonds, contracts, correspondence, court records, depositions, land records, estate records, Burr conspiracy data, military records, letters and papers of Andrew Jackson, Andrew Jackson III, Daniel Montgomery, and a few papers of John Overton. The papers of Andrew Jackson make up the largest portion of the collection. There are twenty-five letters written by Jackson between the dates 1813-1845, four of which are published in Bassett, Approximately one hundred and ten letters in the collection were written to Andrew Jackson and about one hundred additional letters are for the Jackson period. There are about forty letters which Tall in the period of the Civil War and twenty others in the latter part of the nineteenth century. The subjects dealt with in the Jackson period include items about the Creek Indian War; military supplies; Indian lands; the presidential elections of 1824, 1828, 1832, 1836, 1840, and 1844; Jackson’s political observations; Adams and Clay Junto; Burr conspiracy; Sam Houston and the Texas question; Jacksonfs military exploits; removal of the Indians west of the Mississippi; the Whigs; James Knox Polk; Martin Van Buren; Jackson and the tariff; nullification proclamation; Muscle Shoals as a possible arsenal; John C. Calhoun’s opinion of Jackson; William H. Crawford’s opinion of Jackson; and other phases of Jackson’s career.

The most important correspondents for this period are Joseph Anderson, R. Armstrong, Francis P. Blair, William Blount, V/illie Blount, John Brown, Neil S. Brown, Rouks Butler, John Catron, John H. Dew, Samuel Dixon, John H. Katon, A. Edwards, A. H. Everett, James Gadsden, John P. Helfenstein, Cave Johnson, S. Hm Laughlin, Eben A. Lester, R. Riker, James Robertson, V/. P. Rowles, J. F. Schermerhorn, John Sevier, James Ross Snowden, Samuel Swartwout, Walker Tandy, R. B. Taney, James G. Taylor, Hugh Lawson White, and James Winchester.

The most important correspondents for the Civil War period are William G. Brownlow, A. S. Colyar, E. A. Flewellen, Isham G. Harris, Andrew Jackson III, Samuel Milligan, and David T. Patterson.

The papers of Andrew Jackson III contain correspondence during the Civil War with his aunts, his ’toother, Sarah lorke Jackson, and his father, Andrew Jackson, Jr. A small diary kept by Andrew Jackson III in 1863 contains a few entries about troop movements.] There is a “Report of Heavy Batteries, Vicksburg, Mississippi” dated October, 1862, which commends Colonel Jackson for his “gallantry and unceasing vigilance during the siege”.

The Daniel Montgomery Papers for the period 1795-1852 are primarily land grants, deeds, indentures, surveys, and other legal documents for Sumner County. The papers contain a small amount of correspondence for the period 1815-1848.

The remainder of fthe Collection is composed of clippings, correspondence about gifts and invitations, memorials, recommendations, resolutions, and a few military records for the period 1795-1815.

See also: The Stanley Horn Library Master List (xerox copy) Deposited June 1978


  • 1780 - 1905


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The Stanley F. Horn Collection of Tennessee Manuscripts contains more than six hundred individual pieces. Although they range in date from 1782 to the 1870s, most are concentrated in the first four decades of the nineteenth century. Virtually all of the early governors of Tennessee are represented by one or more documents. There are also papers of Sam Houston, John Sevier, JohnQuincy Adams, James Robertson, Davy Crockett, and others; there is one legal writ bearing the unique signature mark of the “long hunter,” Kasper Mansker. More than one third of the collection also contains Andrew Jackson Papers, making it one of the five foremost corpora of Jackson material in existence.

Physical Location

Special Collections & Archives

Immediate Source of Acquisition

This Collection of papers was made by Mr. Stanley Horn, Historian and Businessman of Nashville, Tennessee, and author of a number of historical studies. Special Collections acquired this Collection in 1964 through the generosity of Mr. Stanley F. Horn.

The originals of these papers are the property of Vanderbilt University and are housed in the Joint University Libraries. Xerox copies are in the Joint University Libraries and in the Manuscript Division of the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Name Index

This is a name index of the correspondents in the Stanley Horn Collection, together with the dates of the letters. The figures in parentheses immediately following the name denote the number of letters, if more than one. The last number listed refers to the box in which the material is to be found. The letters in box four were all written to Andrew Jackson or by him.
Acklen, J. Hayes, (3), 1877-1878, 2
Adams, John Quincy, 1824, 2
Anderson, Joseph, undated, 4, Re: W. H. Crawford’s opinion of Jackson in the Seminole War
Armstrong, R., (2), undated, 4, Re: Politics
Babb, A., 1827, 2
Bailey, R., 1831, 2
Bainbridge, A., 1846, 2
Barbour, J. S., 1829, 2
Barry, W. T., 1832, 2
Bass, J. M., (3), 1839, 1845, 2
Beauchamp, M., 1841, 4
Bell, John, 1841, 2
Blackie, G. S., 1863, 2
Blair, Francis P., 1837, 4, Re: Van Buren and Jackson’s Washington friends
Blount, William, (12), 1794-1796, 2, Re: Payment of troops
Blount, Willie, (6), 1811-1835, 2, Uf Re: Removal of Indians; opening of Mississippi to Hew Orleans; Van Puren, Judge Hugh l.awson White
Bolton, W. C., 1845, 4
Breathett, John, 1828, JU, Re: Presidential election of 1826
Brcnan, Thomas H., 1829, 4, Re: Horses
Bronauph, Rebecca, 1824, 4
r Brown, John, 1813, 2
Brown, John C, (2), 1878-1889, 2
Brown, NeillS., 1853, 2
Brownlow, W. G., (2), 1862, 1866, 2, Re: Mistreatment during Civil War; success of Radicals in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West and Northwest
Butler, Anthony, 1811, 4
Butler, Rouks, 1827, 4, Re: Accounts of Jackson’s military exploits; slanders about Mrs. Jackson
Caffery, D., 1835, 2
Carels, Joseph S., 1905, 2
Carmack, E. W., undated, 2
Carter, E. B., 1841, 2
Cass, Lewis, 1831, 2
Catron, John, 1837, 1864, 2, 4, Re: Politics-John Bell, William Carroll, Felix Grundy, Felix Robertson and Judge White
Chandler, James A., 1826, 3
Cheatham, L. P., 1841, 4
Claiborne, William C. C, 1796, 4
Cocke, J., 1821, 2
Cocke, J., 1821, 2
Claiborne, William C. C, 1796, 4
Cocke, J., 1821, 2
Coffee, John, 1828, 3
Cole, John, 1844, 4
Coleman, Blacknan, 1830, 4
Colyar, A. S., 1877, 2, Re: Terms offered by Hampton Roads Commission
Combs, L., 1858, 2
Cotten, Henry, 1826, 5, Re: Horses
Cushman, John W., 1829, 4
Davidson, William, 1780, 2
Desha, Rob, 1830, 4
Dew, John H., 1837, 4, Re: Politics--Robert M. Burton, John Hall, James Knox Polk and the Whigs
Dixon, Samuel, 184U, h, Re: Politics and Indian fighting
Donelson, Andrew Jackson, (3), 1820-1841, 4
Donelson, E. Y., (6), 1864-1866, 3
Donelson, Elizabeth, 1845, 2, Re: Andrew Jackson’s death; arrival of Houston
Douglass, William, 1828, 4, Re: Political gathering
Dupuy, Charles M., 1832, 4
Duryee, Richard, 1834, 4
Eads, James D., 1840, 4
Eaton, John H., (2), 1831, 1843, 2
Edwards, A., 1844, 4, Re: Nomination of James K. Polk
Essex R., 1833, 4
Everett, A. H., 1824, 2
Ewing, Andrew, 1853, 2
Fain, N., 1831, 2
Flewellen, E. A., 1863, 2, Re: Inability of Confederate medical officers to meet emergencies
Foster, Ephraim, H., 1840, 2, Re: Death of Hugh Lawson White
Fowler, Joseph S., 1869, 2
Franklin, B. J., 1854, 2
Franklin, James, 1822, 2
Frith,.W., 1829, 3
Gadsden, James, (4), 1816, 1844, 2, 4, Re: Politics--Texas, Mexico, Sam Houston and James K. Polk
Gardner, James, 1833, 4
Gealiot, C, 1834, 4
Gibson, Alexander, 1831, 4
Goodlett, A. G., 1848, 2
Gordon, Martin, 1829, 4
Greer, A., 1832, 4
Guinn, Samuel, 1832, 4
Harris, Isham G., 1861, 2, Re: Permission for Arkansas to install battery on Island No. 10
Hays, S. D., 1814, 2
Helfenstein, John P., 1828, 4, Re: John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay
Higgins, Hiram H., 1826, 2
Hill, H. R. W., 1834, 2
Hill, Henry, Jr., 1840, 4
Hobbs, Edward D., 1814, 2
Holland, Elijah, 184O, 4
Houston, Samuel, 1846, 2
Hubbard, David, 1844, 4
Hunton, William E., 1829, 4
Jack, C. J., 1829, 4
Jackson, Andrew (25), 1813-1845, 4
Jackson, Andrew Jr., 1864, 3
Jackson, Andrew III, (4), 1864-1865, 3
Jackson, Sarah Yorke, (8), 1862-1865, 3
Janney, Sam M., 1829, 5
Johnson, Cave, (2), 1835, 1866, 2
Johnson, John, 1829, 4
Jones, W. M., 1844, 4
Keaton, O. W., 1830’s, 4
Kellog, Miner K., 1832, 4
King, William R., 1832, 4
Knox, Henry, 1794, 2
Laughlin, H. H., 1844, 4, Re: Poljtics and Texas
Lea, John M., undated fragment, 2
Lea, Luke, 1834, 2
Leonard, L., 1840, 4, Re: Politics
Lester, Eben A., 1833, 2, Re: Nullification proclamation
Lewis, W. B., 1844, 4
Lindsley, A. V. S., 1864, 2
Livingston, Edward, undated, 2
Lytle, Robert, 1834, 4
Mabry, J., 1828, 3
Manning, Richard J., 1836, 4
Martin, E. L., 1834, 4
Maury, Matthew Fontaine, 1860, 2
McCammon, Samuel, 1857, 2
McKenry, Robert, 1832, 4
McKean, Maria P., 1814, 2
McLane, Louis, 1833, 4
Mey, James G., 1812, 4
Milligan, Samuel, 1864, 2
Montgomery, C. T., (8), 1829, 2
Montgomery, Daniel, 1838, 3
Moore, James M., 1833, 4
Nance, W. L., 1853, 2
Neville, Morgan, 1834, 4
Ogle, Alexander, 1830, 4
Owen, John, 1829, 4
Parks, John, 1828, 3
Patterson, C. H., 1865, 2
Patterson, David T., 1864, 2, Re: Military authorities in Nashville - Confident of ability to defeat Hood
Patterson, Will H., 1865, 2
Patton, Benjamin, 1830, 4
Phillips, Benjamin, 1831, 4
Phillips, Isaac, 1833, 4
Pitcher, Nathaniel, 182, 4
Poinsett, J. R., 1834, 4
Porter, James D., undated ca 1875, 2
Putnam, Julia, 1865, 3
Ragan, John, 1825, 4
Ramsey, Charles R., 1834, 4
Randal, Roswell, 1836, 2
Ready, Charles, 1857, 2
Rees, Thad B., 1840, 2, Re: Politics
Rhea, John, 1812, 2
Rickard, William, (2), 1797, 1800, 2, Re: Death of George Washington
Riker, R., 1834, 2, Re: Politics and the presidential election
Roberts, L. P., 1838, 4, Re: Judge White’s influence in Knoxville
Robertson, Felix, 1828, 3
Robertson, James, 1797, 2, Re: Indian affairs
Robertson, Wyndham, 1844, 4, Re: Altercation between James K. Polk and Henry A. Wise
Robinson, William, 1830, 4
Rowles, W. P., 1842, Re: Henry Clay, tariff, and bank
Royall, Anne, (3), 1824-1838, 2
Saltonstall, Roswell, 1833, 4
Savary, Charley, 1840, 4
Schermerhorn, J. F., 1827, 4, Re: Political forces at work against Jackson
Sevier, John, (3), 1797, 1799, 1809, 2, Re: Indian lands and Indian treaties
Sevier,.Washington, 1800, 2
Shakers, The, 1833, 4
Shein, James G., 1825, 4
Simpson, S., 1829, 4
Slaughter, Thomas S., 1829, 4
Smith, Policy, 1832, 2
Snowden, James Ross, 1844, 4
Sommerville, John H., 1832, 4, Re: Indian lands
Staatz, Cuyler, 1828, 4, Re; Esteem for Jackson
Standifer, James, 1816, 4
Stewart, G. H., 1833, 4
Stewart, James, 1830, 4
Stinson, A. P., 1844, 4
Storm, Stephen, 1850, 2, Re: Travel and customs in Tennessee; everyone rides horseback
Swartwout, Samuel, (2), 1825, 1831, 4, Re: Henry Clay’s opposition to Jackson
Taney, R. B., 1844, 4, Re: James K. Polk, Martin Van Buren and the bank
Taylor, H. W., 1839, 4
Taylor, James, (2), 1831, 2, 4
Taylor, James G., 1844, 4, Re: Qualifications of James K. Polk and Martin Van Buren
Thomason, Edward, 1833, 4
Totten, H. S. G., 1844, 4
Turner, M. W., 1815, 3
Van Eyck, A., 1844, 4
Walker, Tandy, 1858, 2, Re: Acts of the Choctaw Nation and requests copy of Tennessee Laws
Wayne, Antony, 1854, 2
White, Hugh, 1862, 2
White, Hugh Lawson, (5), 1821-1836, 2, 4, Re: Politics
White, Maunsel, 1833, 4, Re: Jackson’s proclamation
Whiteley, R. H. R., 1863, 2, Re: Military supplies
Wickliffe, Charles A., 1814, 2
Williams, John, 1818, 2
Williamson, John, 1828, 3
Wilson, Nathaniel, 1844, 5
Winant, B. P., 1844, 4
Winchester, James, (8), 1797-1812, 2, Re: Indian troubles and military matters
Winchester, Judge James, 1801, 2
Witherell, Sarah, undated, 3
Woodbury, Levi, 1833, 4, Re: Judge Wayne’s choice as President of Convention in Georgia
Wool, John E. 1834, 4, Re: Military expenses
Yandell, D. W., undated, 2, Re: Surgeon Stout
Yell, A., 1836, 4
Finding Aid for the The Stanley F. Horn Collection
1965 February 8
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