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Addison Beecher Scoville, Jr. (1914-1998) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-0863
Abstract Biographical file includes photographs, newspaper clippings, journal reprints, CV, PBS "Hard Choices," and articles from AAMC/GPA News and Comment, MEDCOM, VUMC Register, and the Medical Report.
Dates: 1958 - 1998

Sarah Hamilton Sell (1913-2012) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-0865
Abstract Biographical file includes newspaper clippings, photographs, reprinted journal articles, CV, VUMC Reporter article, October 2006, register for Sarah Sell personal papers, and articles about Dr. Sell's husband, Dr. Charles G.R. Sell.
Dates: 1960 - 2006

Wilbourn C. Shands biographical file

Identifier: EBL-1057
Abstract Biographical file includes an obituary for Dr. Wilbourn Coupery Shands.
Dates: 2003 - 2003

John Lawton Shapiro (1915-1983) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-0870
Abstract Biographical file includes photographs, biographical sketch, newspaper clippings, correspondence, a Medical Report article, poem, CV, and obituaries. Also included is a photograph of Mrs. Elizabeth Shapiro.
Dates: 1947 - 2005

Vernon H. Sharp (1933-1999) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-0872
Abstract Biographical file includes a VUMC Reporter article and obituary.
Dates: 1999 - 1999

William F. Sheridan, Jr. (1925-1999) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-0875
Abstract Biographical file includes obituary.
Dates: 1999 - 1999

George Merrill Shore biographical file

Identifier: EBL-1058
Abstract Biographical file includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, and material related to the funeral of Dr. Shore on January 5, 2004.
Dates: 2003 - 2004

Harrison H. Shoulders, Jr. (1924-2006) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-1002
Abstract Biographical file includes an obituary of Dr. Harrison H. Shoulders, Jr.
Dates: 2006 - 2006

Harrison H. Shoulders, Sr. (1886-1963) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-360
Abstract Biographical file includes photographs, a 'Who's Who' listing, American Medical Association information, and newspaper clippings.
Dates: 1956 - 1956

Harrison J. Shull, Jr. (1923-1999) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-0876
Abstract Biographical file includes a wealth of correspondence, obituaries, photographs, newspaper clippings, CV, and a VUMC Reporter article.
Dates: 1956 - 1999

John W. Simpson (1906-2007) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-0878
Abstract Biographical file includes correspondence, postcard, engraved admission cards, and a medical class ticket.
Dates: 1839 - 1992

Henry Carroll Smith (1901-1986) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-368
Abstract no content
Dates: 1966 - 1986

Leslie McClure Smith (1905-1992) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-1065
Abstract Unpublished biographical sketch written by Dr. Smith's son, the Honorable Leslie M. Smith, 2-18-2010, photos, xerox copies of pages from 1930 Commodore, material from
Dates: 1930 - 2010

George Washington Southern (1852-1931) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-1193
Abstract File contains biographical data and reproductions of photographs of Dr. Southern and family sent by Mr. Roger Tayor.
Dates: 2006 - 2006

Frank Cole Spencer (b.1926) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-1183
Abstract File contains photographs and biographical articles and transcript of an interview conducted on April 19, 1999
Dates: 1943 - 2010

Sophie Spitz (1910-1956) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-1184
Abstract File contains a reprint, and biographical article by Dr. Christoph Lser.
Dates: 1991 - 2010

Bertram Edward Sprofkin (1917-2001) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-381
Abstract File contains photographs, CV, correspondence, and memorial rembemberance by Dr. John S. Johnson.
Dates: 1942 - 2001

Mildred Thornton Stahlman (b.1922) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-382
Abstract Photographs, newspaper clippings, scientific articles, student application photo, photo of Dr. Stahlman's portrait by Louise LeQuire, genealogical material about the Stahlman family.
Dates: 1951 - 2004

Thomas Bentley Stone (1917-1985) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-390
Abstract Newspaper Clippings from the Mayfield,Kentucky Messenger, 1985.
Dates: 1985 - 1985

William S. Stoney (b.1928) biographical file

Identifier: EBL-1186
Abstract File contains photographs, reprints, CV, correspondence, CD and DVD disks.
Dates: 1960 - 2008


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