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Chapter Six: Boards, Consultantcies, Extramural Committee Assignments, 1944 - 2002

 File — Box: 1e, Folder: 38
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Scope and Contents note Collins compilation of EWG's appointments during and after WW II. List of secretaries NIH 1955-1993. Web page NIH and citation of 1988 book about origins; Citations of Baxter's Scientists against time; Pictures of Army Epidemiological Board 1942? And 1945; Picture of AEC Committee for Biology 1947; Citation NAS, First Hundred Years by Cochrane, 1978; Citation for Science for 21st Century-Bush Report revisited, by Barfield, 1997; Citation for Endless Frontier (about Vannevar Bush) by Zachary,...
Dates: 1944 - 2002

Chapter Six: Office of Scientific Research and Development, 1945 - 2002

 File — Box: 1e, Folder: 39
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Scope and Contents note General description of OSRD, its accomplishments in WWII, from 2000 web-page; Reprint of England's article in Science 1976 about Bush Report--Endless Frontier. Letter Bush to EWG Feb1943 appointing him as Special Adviser to Div 9 National defense Research Committee; copy of Roosevelt's letter to Bush Nov 1944 about post war funding of research by federal government; letter from Bush to EWG Dec 1944 appointing him to Palmer Committee [to consider medical research under mandate from FDR];...
Dates: 1945 - 2002

Chapter Six: Surgeon General's Office, 1941 - 2002

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Scope and Contents note Reprint from Army Medical Bulletin Oct 1942 describing Board for the Investigation and control of influenza; Memo from SGO Dec 1940 establishing Board and setting guidelines; letter from SGO Jan 1941 to EWG requesting participation with official appointment in Feb 1941; letter from Chairman Francis Blake to EWG Jan 1941 noting membership with reply by EWG; letter from Blake May 1941 giving meeting dates; letter SGO to EWG Feb 1941 with orders to attend meeting in Washington; letter SGO to...
Dates: 1941 - 2002

Chapter Six: National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences, 1929 - 2002

 File — Box: 1e, Folder: 41
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Scope and Contents note Chapter Six: National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences:Collins compilation of EWG correspondence about NRC; emo Dec 1929 about Committee on Nasal Sinuses; Memo from Weed April 1942 about morphological pathology in wartime; etter Maxcy to EWG April 1942 about jaundice following immunizations; letter Weed to EWG May 1942 about appointment to Subcommittee on Infectious Diseases; letter Weed to EWG May 1942 about chairing conference group on organizing pathological services with...
Dates: 1929 - 2002

Chapter Six: Atomic Energy Commission/Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, 1947 - 2002

 File — Box: 1e, Folder: 42
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Scope and Contents note Letter Moore to EWG July 1947 about report of AEC (and notifying EWG of Washington University interest in Curtis-who became Chair in Phsiology here); letter EWG to Richards Jan 1949 analyzing AEC fellowship program; Memo AEC to members Advisory Committee for Biology and Medicine of meeting in Nov 1950; Travel orders for EWG to Tokyo Nov 1950 and thence to Hiroshima; letters AEC to EWG Dec 1950 with info about passport, ID card, etc; letter NRC to EWG Dec 1950 about studies at Hiroshima;...
Dates: 1947 - 2002

Chapter Six: National Science Foundation, 1952 - 2000

 File — Box: 1e, Folder: 43
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Scope and Contents note General description of act founding NSF May 1950; Letter Director NSF to EWG June 1952 about membership and/or chairmanship on committee to support basic research and education in the sciences with EWG's response; letter NSF to EWG Oct 1952 inquiring about serving on Divisional Committee for Medical research; letter Director to EWG Nov 1952 appointing him as member; EWG personnel security questionnaire; minutes of 1st meeting May, 1953; letter EWG to Demsey Sep 1953 about topics for...
Dates: 1952 - 2000

Chapter Six: Collins Final Text, 2002 - 2002

 File — Box: 1e, Folder: 44
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Chapter Seven: Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, 1955 - 2002

 File — Box: 1e, Folder: 45
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Scope and Contents note Chapter Seven: Armed Forces Institute of Pathology: Annual Reports 1955-1959; AFIP letter about EWG article on fowlpox; materials in AFIP files about EWG; AFIP publications of 1957; emo from the Director AFIP Jan 1958 about program for meeting AFIP Advisory panel; minutes of Advisory Panel meeting March 1958; address by Director Silliphant July 1955; address by Silliphant Jan 1956; handwritten notes of EWG to Silliphant about supporting research at AFIP. EWG coming to AFIP, resigning from...
Dates: 1955 - 2002

Chapter Seven: Period after AFIP, 1957 - 2002

 File — Box: 1e, Folder: 46
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Scope and Contents note Visiting Professor at Mississippi:Brunson to EWG March 1959 about coming to Miss; Handwritten reply by EWG expressing interest; Blake to EWG March 1959 expressing enthusiasm; Brunson to EWG March 1959 in follow-up; Shapiro to EWG with news about Path Dept at VU, EWG returning to Nashville; atson to EWG March 1959 about coming and EWG response; Allison to EWG March 1959 about coming; Randall to EWG August 1959 offering space and equipment at Miss; EWG to Brunson handwritten Sept 1959 after...
Dates: 1957 - 2002


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