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Chapter Four: Singer Research Institute, 1921 - 2000

 File — Box: 1b, Folder: 12
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Scope and Contents note Annual Reports 1922(May and Nov)-1924; Latter three prepared by EWG; rief History, prepared by Samuel Haythorn; Letter Haythorn to Board dated Feb 14, 1921 announcing his resignation; oard Meeting April 7, 1921 announcing approval of EWG as director; Minutes dated Jan 20, 1922 confirming appointment of EWG, his budget; etter from Board to EWG dated April 12, 1922 confirming appointment and conditions; Letter from Haythorn to EWG dated May 16, 1922 giving financial status of Singer, brief...
Dates: 1921 - 2000

Chapter Four: Hiring Chief at Vanderbilt:, 1920 - 2002

 File — Box: 1b, Folder: 13
Identifier: 1
Scope and Contents note Wade Brown file Proof that Rockefeller Archives does not have Wade Brown papers; Letters Robinson to Brown May 28, 1920 recommending Brown as Chair. Letter Kirkland to Brown June1, 1920 suggesting visit to Nashville. Letter Brown to Kirkland June 11, 1920 giving date of visit; Letter Robinson to Kirkland dated May 31, 1923 describing Brown\'s interest in VU, recent tenured appointment at Rockefeller; Letter Brown to EWG dated June 19, 1924 congratulating him on appointment to VU; Description...
Dates: 1920 - 2002

Chapter Four: EWG VU arrival, departure and return, 1920 - 2002

 File — Box: 1b, Folder: 14
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Scope and Contents note Chapter Four: EWG arriving at VU: Robinson to Kirkland, 1920 mentioning recommendation of EWG by Max Souby; Robinson to Kirkland, May,1923 mentioning Terry and second choice EWG. Robinson to Kirkland Feb, 1924 describing interview with EWG in Pittsburgh. Robinson to EWG Feb, 1924 stipulating conditions of appointment at VU. Robinson to Kirkland April, 1924 describing conversations with EWG about Terry. Robinson to Kirkland April, 1924 recommending EWG as Professor of Path. Robinson to EWG...
Dates: 1920 - 2002

Chapter Four: EWG's Successor, Search Committee, 1954 - 2002

 File — Box: 1b, Folder: 15
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Scope and Contents note

Youmans appointing committee Sept, 1954; Minutes of Dec, 1954 listing potential candidates; Minutes of March, 1955 recommending EWG not continue beyond present year, discussing Shapiro; Minutes of Jan, 1956 indicating viable candidates were Berthrong and Shapiro. Berthrong to Youmans Feb, 1956 declining offer of Chair. List of candidates, undated.

Dates: 1954 - 2002

Chapter Four: Miscellaneous Path faculty, 1926 - 2000

 File — Box: 1b, Folder: 16
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Scope and Contents note

Chart by Collins in 2000 showing names of faculty and their tenure 1924-1955. Letters from Eugene Woodruff to EWG Nov, 1926, about coming to VU and EWG's acceptance; Letter EWG to Bronfenbrenner about faculty elsewhere and at VU, including DeMonbreun, Rigdon, Dawson, Buddingh, Woodruff, Knutti.

Dates: 1926 - 2000

Chapter Four: Path Faculty: Dr. William DeMonbreun, 1955 - 2002

 File — Box: 1b, Folder: 17
Identifier: 1
Scope and Contents note Curriculum vitae of William Andrew DeMonbreun, M.D.; finding aid at Eskind on DeMonbreun file; Article by Hansmann and Schenken, purportedly the first description of generalized histo; copies of front pages of articles by Dr. De; Letter EWG to Bronfrenbrenner about various faculty at VU, including Dr. De; Letter De to EWG May, 1947 about salary cut for De. De expresses loyalty to EWG and VU; Letter Peterson to De August, 1955 about histo used in skin testing; letter EWG to Johnson Sept 1955...
Dates: 1955 - 2002

Chapter Four: Path Faculty: John Buddingh, 1938 - 2002

 File — Box: 1b, Folder: 18
Identifier: 1
Scope and Contents note Curriculum vitae of John Buddingh as of 3/5/69; Letter from Buddingh to EWG May, 1948 announcing resignation from VU and sincere thanks for support; death notice of Buddingh; etter EWG to Leathers Feb 1938 proposing Buddingh for Commonwealth Fellowship; Letter EWG to Bronfenbrenner Jan 1939 describing Buddingh; Copy of picture of Buddingh dated 1932 and signed; Packet from Spence LSU dated April 2000 with CV, summary of career, and numerous letters from retirement in 1974 including ones from...
Dates: 1938 - 2002

Chapter Four: Path faculty: Katherine Anderson, 1960 - 2002

 File — Box: 1b, Folder: 19
Identifier: 1
Scope and Contents note Bibliography with copies of Bulletin of VU for several years showing her publications; Letter Collins to Registrar, VU, showing her classes and grades at VU; Copies of her lab notes about junco pox research Sept 1960 that includes EWG notes on day of his death, Katherine's notes in Oct that year; various reprints of her articles, including last paper on junco pox; Memorial Service for Katherine in 1995 and the remarks of R. Collins; Letter of transmittal of White's book to Eskind; Letters...
Dates: 1960 - 2002

Chapter Four: Path faculty: Charles Randall, 1985 - 2002

 File — Box: 1b, Folder: 20
Identifier: 1
Scope and Contents note Curriculum vitae of Charles Randall dated March, 1985; Letter EWG to C. Moore (at Wash U) about Randall as head of Path there; Press release on Randall 1990; Letter from Collins to Teloh at Eskind about establishing a folder on Randall; Letter from Randall to Collins May, 2000 about EWG; Letter Randall to Collins August 2000 about setting up tissue culture at VU: picture of EWG sent by Randall; Letter from Randall to Collins Nov 2000 in follow up to phone conversation about Roy Avery's role...
Dates: 1985 - 2002

Chapter Four: Path faculty: James Dawson, 1934 - 2000

 File — Box: 1b, Folder: 21
Identifier: 1
Scope and Contents note James Dawson: Curriculum vitae of James Dawson (prepared by Collins in 2000); list of Dawson's publications in 1938; nomination of Dawson for membership in Amer Soc Exper Path; Copies of Cumulative Index showing Dawson's publications; Reprint of paper on rabies in chick embryo; some of the correspondence between Dawson and EWG--note particularly Aug 1934 letter describing marriage and honeymoon, EWG in 1935 about expectations in an academic career, Dawson's letter in June of 1935 announcing...
Dates: 1934 - 2000


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