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Chapter One Background: Reprints/Citations, 1926 - 1999

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Scope and Contents note

Rivers-Viruses and Koch's Postulates; Huebner--The Virologist's Dilemma; Evans - Causation and Disease; Rivers - Some General Aspects of Filterable Viruses; Van Helvoort - When Did Virology Start; Winternitz - Path of Flu; Cohen - Canine Transmissable; O'Farrell - Donovanosis; Johnson - Pathogenesis of Herpes Encephalitis; Kharsany - Culture of Calymmatobacterium granulomatosis; Murphy - Comparative Pathogenesis of Rabies; Plotkin-A Short History of Vaccination

Dates: 1926 - 1999

Chapter One Background: Reprints/Citations, 1919 - 1999

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Cohen-The Canine Transmissable Venereal Tumor; over pages of various references of EWG cited in this chapter; ncylopedia Brittanica-Vol 9, page 236; arish-History of Immunization; Various References on Influenza

Dates: 1919 - 1999

Chapter One Background: Reprints/Citations:, 2000 - 2000

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Scope and Contents note Feldman-Nobel Prize; Dalldorf-Introduction to Virology; illiams-Virus Hunters; ong-History of American pathology; urnet-Changing Patterns; Najjar Immunity and Virus Infections with schedule of presentations; asic information about Lasker with previous winners; Correspondence and background material about Nobel Prize including correspondence by Collins with Nobel Committee; interview by Kampmier with Tinsley Harrison; Frontispiece-Craighead's Book on Pathology and Pathogenesis of Viral...
Dates: 2000 - 2000

Chapter One: Final Collins Text., 2002 - 2002

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Chapter Two Correspondence, 1912 - 1999

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Scope and Contents note Archives at Hopkins about Robinson papers; WG to mother Oct, 1913; ackground about undergraduate training at VU:EWG's grades and classes at VU; WG's signature at registration, VU; Letters of Glenn and Martin to Hopkins about EWG; ront of Commencement Announcement and class roll; Vignettes from Vanderbilt by Stella Vaughn; ebb School History; xpenditures for year ending May 1,1907, VU; ackground about Hopkins: JH Magazine about Welch; JAMA June 2, 19889 about Hopkins; Schedule of classes from...
Dates: 1912 - 1999

Chapter Two Background Alderson, 1922 - 2000

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Dixon- The Rise/ Fall of Alderson; etter from Betty Alderson April, 2000 w/ brochure on Alderson; lderson library schedule; isc:Batts- Private Preparatory Schools in TN; obits for Max Souby; Postmasters in Karnes County TX (Souby's home)

Dates: 1922 - 2000

Chapter Two Background on Philippines, 1921 - 2000

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Copy of faculty at Univ. of Phil 1921 from brochure in possession of Sarah Little; etter from EWG to father Sept/1922 on return to US; copy of calling card showing address in Manila; etter from Councilman to EWG in 1923; Copy of Sarah G's passport; Philippine General Web site; opies of 4 letters from Office of President to EWG about appointment at University, departure Sept,1921 to April, 1922

Dates: 1921 - 2000

Chapter Two: Final Collins Text,, 2002 - 2002

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Chapter Three Background: Viruses (General), 1933 - 2002

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Scope and Contents note Burnet-Virus as Organism, 1946; evine-Origins of Virology, 1996; uria and Delbruck- Mutations of bacteria, 1943; ackground: Mumps: Baum and Litman- Mumps Virus in Mandell fourth edition; Habel- Cultivation of mumps in developing embryo, 1945; Craighead's statement about EWG's research on Mumps, 2002; orrespondence: Wolbach to EWG about slides of testis from patient with mumps, 1933; evant to EWG about providing mumps virus, 1935; Rous to EWG about splendid paper on mumps for JEM, 1933;...
Dates: 1933 - 2002

Chapter Three Background, Chick embryo:, 1936 - 2002

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Scope and Contents note Books/citations: Burnet-Use of developing egg in virus research, 1936; Theiler- Use of yellow fever virus for immunization, 1937; van Rooyen and Rhodes-Virus diseases of man; Murphy- Transplantability of malignant tumors to embryos, 1919; Burnet-Influenza virus on the developing egg, 1936; Burnet- Virus disease of fowl-pox group,1933; Gay and Thompson- Attempts to cultivate vaccine virus on chick embryo, 1928; Bengston and Dyer- Cultivation of RMSF in chick embryo, 1935; anders Cultivation...
Dates: 1936 - 2002

Chapter Three: Final Collins Text, 2002 - 2002

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