George Pullen Jackson Papers

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Scope and Content Note

The George Pullen Jackson collection is divided into five series: Correspondence; Articles; Notes on Songs; Songs; and Phonographs and Tapes.

Series I contains both outgoing and incoming correspondence. Much of it relates to Jackson’s song collecting and arrangements for performances.

In Series II, there are articles by and about Jackson, as well as newspaper clippings and photographs.

The extensive Notes on Songs in Series III include research materials and printed songs. This series also includes a bibliography of Jackson’s publications, and a bibliography of Jackson’s collection of Southern Hymn books now held by the library of The University of California at Los Angeles. In seven boxes of note cards are tune indices, a bibliography of hymn and tune books, a directory of Sacred harp singers, a chronological file of hymn books, 1737-1839, excerpts from song books, and an alphabetical file of song titles.

Series IV consists of songs, song titles, and song fragments. There is an index of song titles and/or first lines and their location within the collection.

In Series V, there are 33 and 1/3 records, reel to reel tapes and cassette tapes of many of the songs Jackson collected. There is an index of the recorded songs and their location with in the collection.


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George Pullen Jackson was born in Monson, Maine on August 20, 1874. He attended the Royal conservatory of music in Dresden, Germany during 1897-1898, Vanderbilt University during 1900-1901, and received a Ph.B. (1904) and a Ph.D. (1911) at the University of Chicago. In 1907-1908, he did graduate studies at universities in Munich and Bonn, Germany. Meanwhile, he was associated with the Houston Biscuit Company in Birmingham, Alabama, of which his father was president. He began his teaching career in 1905-1906, as an instructor in German at Kansas Agricultural College (later Kansas State University). He continued his teaching career at Case School of Applied Science (later Case Institute of Technology) (1906-1908), University of Chicago (1908-1910), Oberlin College (1910-1912), and Northwestern University (1912-1913). For the next five years he was assistant professor of German at the University of North Dakota, also serving at summer sessions at the University of Chicago in 1915 and 1916. In 1918 he joined the faculty of Vanderbilt University as associate professor of German, becoming professor eight years later and serving in that capacity until he retired in 1943 as professor emeritus. During 1946-1947 he served as interim professor of German at the University of Florida.

Aside from teaching, his chief interest was American folk music, particularly southern spirituals, on which he wrote and lectured extensively. He was the author of many books and articles, including The Rhythmic Form of the German Folk Songs, White Spirituals in the Southern Uplands and Spiritual Folk-Songs of Early America. With Charles Faulkner Bryan, he edited American Folk Music for High School and Other Choral Groups. He served on the board of advisory editors of Southern Folklore Quarterly and was for many years the music critic for the Nashville Banner and other southern newspapers. Jackson was a specialist in the music of the shape-note hymnals popular in the southern highlands, where he first encountered the Sacred Harp hymnals. In 1939 he organized the Tennessee Sacred Harp Singing Association, and he organized and managed the Old Harp Singers of Nashville, a concert group which toured the eastern United States and gave eighty concerts and broadcasts.

Jackson was a member of the Tennessee Music Teachers Association, the American Musicology Association, the International Folk Music Council, numerous folklore societies, the Modern Language Association, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Phi Beta Kappa.

In 1906, he married Inez Emeline Wight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the couple had two children, Frances Helen (Parker)in 1908 and George Pullen (Jr.) in 1910. His first wife died in 1918, and he later married Lois Diantha Barnes in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1926. Jackson died in Nashville, Tennessee on January 19, 1953.


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An Alphabetical Index to Titles, Subtitles, First Lines, and Tunes of Songs and Parts of Songs in Manuscript Form---and Their Location Within the Collection in Box 3 ( C Numbers Refer to Correspondence Folders in Box 1 )

The Abolition Show, 18
Ach du Miser Judas, 10
Admiral Benbow, 9
Admiral Byng and Brave West, 9, C7
Afflictions, though they seem severe, C1
Afton Water, 17
Alas, and did my savior bleed, 2, 6
All hail to thee, Christ Jesus, 10
All Is Well, 29
Amanda, 25
Amazing Grace, 5,6,C17
An’ Pharoah’s daughter went down to the water, 22
And how should I your true love know, 40
The Arethusa, 19
Army of the Lord, 2
Around the throne of God in heaven, 6
As I passed the garden, 25
As I stepped out one evening, 11
As I walked out one morning, 44
As shepherds in Jewry were guarding their sheep, 44
The Ass’s Sequence, 40
Awake, Awake, you drowsy sleeper, 32
Away here in Texas, 42
Balow, my babe, lye still and sleep, 34
Banks of Cloddy, 11
The Banks of Sweet Dundee, 41
The Banks of the Shannon, 33
Barbara Allen, 43
Beautiful Way –missing from the collection
Behold the rose of Sharon here, 20
Billy Boy, 43
The Black Brigade, 37
The Blessings of Mary, C10
The Boatie Rows, 17
Bonapart’s Exile, 36
Boney’s away from his wars and his fighting, 36
The Bonnie Earl of Murray, 19
Brethren and sisters, my soul doth rejoice-missing from the collection
The Brown Girl, 23, C2
Bruder Joseph, bruder Joseph, 37
Cambric shirt, 31
Captain Kidd, 1, 8, 9
Cease, rude Boreas, 17
Chairs to Mend, 28
Charming Name, 42
Chattering with the Angels, 20
Cheshire Tune, 40
Christ in the Garden, 25
Christian’s Delight, 11
Christmas Hymn, 25
Come all of Longstreet’s rangers, 11
Come all ye booze fighters, 40
Come all ye jolly sailors bold, 19
Come all ye Texas rangers, 11
Come all you sailors bold, 9
Come all you sporty bachelors, 38
Come brethren and sisters that love my dear Lord, 3
Come holy spirit, heavenly dove, 3
Come let us learn to sing, 34, 45
Come sinners to the gospel feast, 24
Come think on death and judgment, 23
Come thou fount of every blessing, 29, C11
Come we that love the Lord indeed, 3, 12
Come ye gallant sons of Ioway, 11
Come ye that fear the Lord, 8
Comforting Way-missing from the collection
The County of Mayo, 17
Dar’s something rong a’brewin’, 37
Dear Irish Boy, 17
Death ain’t you got no shame, 17
Death Is a Police, C17
Death like an overflowing stream, 25
Dialogue song, 27
Did Christ o’er sinners, 12
Done Made It Up in My Mind, 37
Draw near, young man, and learn from me, 18
Dublin, 40
The Dying Californian, 45
Eternity, 23
Expression, 13
Fair Fanny Moore, 11
Farewell, dear brethren in the Lord, 36
Farewell Vain World (I’m going home), 26
The Farmer in the Dell, C4
Father where shall I run to, 23
Female Convict, 31
Few Days, 25
Firmly I stand on Zion’s hill, 12
Flow gently, sweet Afton, 17
For weel we kend the way O, 9
Four in One, 35
A frog he would a’courting go, 15
Frog Went A’Courting, 15
From the ends of the earth I will cry to thee, 28
The Garden Hymn, 25
Garryowen, 17
Gideon’s Band, 20
Girl I Left Behind Me, 23
Give Me Jesus, 6
Glory in my Soul, 11
Go look in yonders cottage, 11
Going to the Grave, 2
The Good Fellow, 16
Grafton, 4
Guide me oh thou great Jehovah, 23, C11
Hail sovereign love that first began, 25
Hallelujah, 25
Hand me down dat robe, 37
Hard Times, 45
Hark My Soul (it is the Lord), 40, 41
Harmony (A), 3
Harmony (B), 3
Haul away ,my Johnny-0, 30
Have You Heard How They Crucified My Lord?, C16
He comes, he comes, the Judge severe, 28
He’s gone away for to stay a little while, 16
Hear my cry, O God, 28
Here awa’, there awa’, 17
Hermon, 2
Hicks’ Farewell, 22, C1
Hiding Place, 25
Hiety, hawty, heety papoose, 22
Hither, Sleep, a Mother Wants Thee, 20
Honor to the Hills, 8
Hopewell, 2
How Firm a Foundation, 11
How happy every child of grace, 24
How happy is the pilgrim’s lot, 3
How happy was the miller when he lived by himself, 35
How Splendid Shines the Morning Star, 14
A Hymn for Christmas, 1, 25
Iam Christus Astra Ascenderat, 38
I’m a pilgrim and I’m a stranger, 24
I’m alone in this world, 24
I am going down the river in a little gospel ray, 7
I’m Goin’ Home, 37
I’m going home to die no more, 43
I’m going to the grave to sleep, 6
I’m lookin’ rather greedy while holding down my claims, 7
I’m On My Way to Jesus, 20
I Can Not Tarry Here, 36
Icy Mountain, 18
I done made it up in my mind, 37
I feel that Jesus loves me, 11
I had a cat and the cat pleased me, 29, 42
I have a father in the Promised Land, 6
I’ve found a friend in Jesus, 7
I love the beautiful way---missing from the collection
I once did lub a yaller gal, 32
I said unto brave West, Take the van, 9
I’ll Make Little Mary My Bride, 44
I’ll ramble and I’ll rove, 16
In Consort, 45
In Freedom’s Cause March, 17
Indian’s Death March, 17
In the Lonesome Valley, 43
Innocent Sounds, 44
Inspiration, 6
Invitation, 15
The Irish Girl, 44
Is there anybody here that’s like weeping Mary?, 21
It was of a damsel both fair and handsome, 33
It was our great transgression, 10
Jack Hall, 9
Jacob on travel was weary by day, C12
Jacob’s ladder, 20, C12
Jerusalem (A), 4
Jesse James (he was a lad), 7
Jesus, I love thy charming name, 42
Jesus Is My Aeroplane, 37, C17
Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone, 2, 4
Jesus, the vision of thy face, 4
Jesus Will Uphold You, 1
Jo Stafford’s Song, 16
Jock o’Hazeldean, 17
John Brown had a little Injun, 42
Johnny’s So Long at the Fair, 15
Johnny Sands, 33
Jonah and the Whale, 7
Judas, C7
Judgment Day, 23
Katie’s Secret, 13, 31
Keeping Master’s Parlor, 18
Kingdom coming, 18
Lady Anne Bothwell’s Lament, 34
Last night was weeping, dear Mother, 13, 3
1Lie up, nearer, brother, nearer, 45
Life’s Railway to Heaven, 20
Light Down Yonder in de Graveyard, 37
Lily of the Valley, 3, 7
Listed in the cause of sin, 44
Little Bride, 28
The Little Family, 25
Little Old Sod Shanty, 7
Little White Bat (or Cat), 17
Long Came the F.F.V., 19
Longstreet’s Rangers, 11
The Lord into His Garden Comes, 44
Lord, Lovel, 18
The Lord My Shepherds Is, 12
Lord Randal, C5, C6, C7
Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor, 18
Lord, what is man, poor feeble man, 40
Love not, love not (ye hapless sons of clay), 17
The Lovely Social Band, 13
The Lowlands of Holland, 39
Lumberjack’s Lament, 45
A man whose name was Johnny Lands, 19------Johnny Sands, 33
Mary’s Blessings, 21
McAfee’s Confession, 18
Methodist preacher mighty man, 37
Moonshine, 40
Moreen My Love, 17
Morning Star, 14
Moses, 22
Mother’s Lullaby, 20
The Murder Tune, 3
My Ain Fireside, 17
My Ain Kind Thing, 8
My father’s broken the ice and gone, 20
My father’s gone to Gloryland, 24
My father says he’ll meet me, 24
My Long and Happy Home, 20
My name was Robert Kidd, 1,8
My soule praise thou the Lord always, 40
New Jordan, 28
The New Mary Blane, 32
New Orleans, 39
New Topia (A), 4
No home, no home, pled a little girl, 43
No more shall the sound of the war whoop be heard, 26
No Room, No Bread, 43
The Noble Twenty-and-Two, 31
Noreen, My Love, 17
Now a song I’ll sing to you in jingles and rhymes, 45
Now the year’s loud tumult ceased, 15
O Blessed Lord, 2
O brothers will you meet me, 24
O come to my heart, Lord Jesus, 28
O fare dee well, dear brudden, 37
O my soul’s happy, 24
O hap me wi’ they pretty coat, 8
O I hae seen great ones, 17
O if my soul was form’d for woe, 4
O land of rest, for thee I sigh, 6
O maiden can you make me a cambric shirt, 31
O Mary and Willie sat by the sea. 44
O May We Meet in Heaven, 24
O my name it is Jack Hall, 8
O our fathers on that day, 20
O praise the Lord for he is good, 2
O sleep not, my babe, for the dawn of tomorrow, 31
O the army, the army, 3
O the very first day I was married, 39
O Thou that hearest when sinners cry, 25
O thou whose tender mercy hears, 13
O tu miser Juda, 10
O well may the boatie row, 17
O where have you been, Billy boy, 43
O ye young and gay and proud, 23 C11
Och wy armen synders, 10
Of Him who did salvation bring, 24
Oh darkies hab you seen my master, 18
Oh dear! What can the matter be, 15
Oh, Love, It Is a Killing Thing---39
Oh, Noey, he did build the ark, 20
Oh, religion is a fortune, 37
Oh, we’re chattering with the angels, 20
Oh we’ve come from the mountains, 18
Old Johnny, My Crony (he had an old cow), 14
The Old Virginia State, 18
On a summer’s day the waves were rippling, 32
On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I stand---missing from the collection
On Springfield’s Mountain there did dwell, 35
On That Day, 20
On the bright mirror of glimmering waters, 28
On the deck of Patrick Lynch’s boat, 17
One Little Indian Boy, 42
One morning, one morning one morning in May, 43
One of these mornings when you know not, 37, C17
Ophelia’s Song, 40
Orientis partibus, 40
Our Bondage It Shall End, 8
Our Cheerful Voices (let us raise), 33, 42
Our Father, Who in Heaven Art, 23
Our ministry’s come who are faithful and true, 22
A Parting Song, 42
Peace and Good Will Unto man, 14
Pilgrim’s Lot, 3
The Pinery Boy, 45
A pin’ry boy’s life is a wearisome life, 45
Pisgah, 5
A pleasing sound falls on my ear, 3
Polly Goold, C1, C10
The Poor Black Boy, 36
Poor Lazarus, 45
Prairie Grove, 11
Pretty Polly, C2
Prodigal, C1
Psalm 146, 40
A Rapparee March, 17
Rebel Soldier, 43
Reflection, 3
Religion Is a Fortune, 37
Remember Me, 2
Remember, Sinful Youth (you must die), 8
Repentance, 4
Rest in Death, 13, 40
Restoration, 18
Rose of Sharon, 20
The Rose That All Are Praising, 17
A Rose Tree in Full Bearing, 41
St. Patrick was a gentleman, 17
Santy Anna, 28
The Scale, 34, 45
The Sea---9
Separation, 3, 42
Seven Rejoices of Mary, 17
Shaker Song, 22
Shepherds in Jewry, 44
Ship That Never Returned, 32
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 25
Sing and Dance, 22
Six long years have I served of my time, 16
Soldier’s Life Imitated, 1
Soldiers who are Christ’s below, 40
Song of Struggle toward the Land of Gold and Graves, 45
A Song of Texas, 42
Song of the Old Folks, 25
Sporting Bachelors, 38
Springfield Mountain, 35
The Storm, 17
Study My Bible, Amen! (gonter to see my Jesus), 37
Supplication, 25
Sweetly she sleeps, my Alice fair, C12
The Taylor, 9
Tell us, o women, we would know, 27
Texas Rangers, 11
There lived an old man by the Northern Sea, 1
There’s a Good Time Coming, 17
There is a place where my hopes are staid,
There was a fair frigate, 31
There was a fair lady, from England she came, C2
There was a farmer’s daughter, 41
There was a little family, 25
There was a man lived in the West-----missing from the collection
There were three crows sat on a tree, 43
They Crucified Lord Jesus, 1
Thou didst leave thy throne, 28
Three Crows, 43
Through all the world below, 8
Through sorrow’s night and danger’s path, 13, 40
Thy works of glory, mighty Lord, 29
The time is swiftly rolling on, 22
To Men a Savior’s Given, 1, 14
‘Twas at the first creation, 15
‘Twas in the merry month of May, 43
‘Twas just before the last fierce charge, 44
The Twelve Blessings of Mary, C13
The Two Comrades, 44
The Two Sisters, 1
The very first blessing Mary had, 21, C10
Villigans and His Dinah, 42
A virgin so pure (unspotted) by the prophet foretold, 1, 25
Voice of Mary, 3
Wake, all ye soaring throngs, and sing, 3
Wake Nicodemus, 19
Wake up, wake up, ye drowsy sleepers, 32
Wandering Willie, 17
War Department, 26
Warrenton, 29
Washington, C2
The Wassail Bowl, C15
Watchman, tell us of the night, 24
Way Down Yonder (in Egypt land), 20
The way to heaven by Christ was made, 20
We’re called to leave the world below, 27
We’re traveling, we’re going, 20
We have fathers going to view that land, 20
We have fathers over yonder, 24
We read of poor Lazarus, 45
We shall see a light appear, 8,9
We’ll swim across the Schuylkill, C14, C17
We wratchit sinnares pure, 10
Weeping Mary Came, 1
Welcome, welcome, ev’ry guest, 35
Well met, well met, (dear friends of art), 34,45
What a Gathering That Will Be, 20
What’s this that steals upon my frame, 29
What wondrous love is this, 8
When He Comes, 8
When I can read my title clear, C11
When I was a young man, C2
When Shall We Three Meet Again, 17
When weeping Mary came to seek, 1
While nature was sinking in silence to rest, 25
While wand’ring to and fro, 6
The White Pilgrim, 20
A Whitsuntide Tune, 38
Who Built de Ark? O Norra Norra, 37
Who’s Like Jesus?, 24
Why do we mourn departing friends?, 39
Wicked Polly, 22
Wife Wrapt in Wether’s skin, 1
Wondrous Love, 8, 25
Wreck on the C & O, 19
Wretched Judas, 10
Y Mor (The Sea), 9
Ye highlands and ye lowlands, 19
Ye Jacobites by Name, 8
Ye nations all, on you I call, 11, 14
Ye sons of war, I pray draw near, 1
The Yellow Beggar of the League, 23
You care of money? Ah, care no more, 36
You Won’t Find a Man Like Jesus, 37
Young people, all attention give, 4
Young people who delight in sin, 22
Yule bells are ringing, 14
Zion’s Travellers, 27
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