Letter - William Blount to James Robertson, 1793 March 28

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Letter - William Blount to James Robertson
Letter - William Blount to James Robertson


[page 1] Knoxville March 28th 1793 Sir Your letter of the 12th was handed me by James Donelson express inclosing the Talk of the Chickasaws both of which were immediately forwarded by James Casey to the President who was just prepared to set out as an Express with other important Information respecting the hostile disposition of the Creeks and Cherokees that is of the upper Creeks and lower Cherokees towards the United States particularly Cumberland. At or about the next full Moon the 25th April it seems you may expect the greatest danger from them and to guard against them you will order into service a full Company of mounted Infantry or Cavalry that is to consist of eighty men exclusive of commissioned Officers to waylay the Indian Paths leading to the Settlements and to explore the Woods where their Principal Camps may probably be found wherever it may be whether on the Lands of the United States or the Indians within the Limits of fifty miles from the Settlements and [page 2] if they find Indians within those Limits to treat them as Enemies, women and Children excepted. It appears to me that this Company of Men had best be divided into three Parties to be commanded by the different commissioned Officers; but this is submitted to you. Let the Officers be of the most active and enterprizing such as you can best depend on and may be Cavalry or Infantry Officers and so may the Privates be of either, but be them of which they will they must go well armed with a Firelock in addition to such other arms as they may choose to carry. This Number of Active enterprizing Men well advanced into the Country through which the Indians have to pass before they reach the Frontier would either Check their Incursion by intercepting some party or other or intimidating them by the sign of the Horses by which they would discover the Settlement were alarmed and on their Guard in either Case you know it is probable they would retreat and leave your Frontiers in Security. You will order this Company to commence their service between the 14th and 18th April and discharge them on or before the 14th May unless the danger should continue [page 3] so imminent as to render their Services indispensible for the Protection of the Frontiers and in that Case you will continue them in Service not exceeding two Months, or you may if the danger continues imminent discharge this Company on or before the 14th May and order out another as the succeeding Moon is approaching the Full for a Months Service These Troops are at Liberty to pursue incursive parties not only to the Limits of fifty miles but even to the Tennessee and punish them in the severest manner. I shall also order out from this district another Company at least to pass at Southwest Point on the 18th Aprill to turn off Cumberland Mountain to the Southward of the Trace cross the Caney Fork high up and strike the Traces that lead from the lower Cherokees to the Cumberland Settlement and scour the Country down to Nashville. Mr. John McKee is returned and gives no assurances of Peace with the lower Towns. Watts met him at Chatuga against the Wish of Talontiska and the Warriors and when he returned to Wells Town they so insulted him that he determined [page 4] determined to leave that Town and actually did pack up and go off 14 Miles and the young Warriors sent and persuaded him back. Small Parties of Creeks are daily passing and repassing [illegible] of the people killed in February in Cumberland both white and black. Small Parties of the lower Cherokees are equally engaged in the business of killing the Citizens of the United States and stealing their Property. I am glad to hear of the Certainty of War with the Chickasaws and Creeks but what part the United States will act is not in my power to determine_ I shall not feel myself at liberty to take any part in it nor grant any part of the Supplies they ask until ordered by the President therefore shall endeavour that the Messengers shall be detained here until an answer is obtained from him. As to Corn from the Chickasaws you must supply them with such Quantity as is necessary for their Support on the cheapest and best Terms you can. You had [page 5] You had best postpone giving any positive Answer to them until I hear from the President. I shall set out for Philadelphia in eight or ten days if General Smith Arrives safe of which I hope there is no doubt in which case you know by the Constitution the Government devolves on him. I have only time to add that I am with Sincere Esteem Your Obedient Servant [page 6] Wm. Blount [to] Brig. Gen. Robertson Mero District [page 7] 1793 March 20


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